More Details about the X7

The X7 is a conventional high capacity hot tub that provides the experience of an eight-foot spa in a space-saving footprint. With incredibly comfortable premium corner seating and plenty of room to stretch your legs, all at an affordable price, you will love relaxing and entertaining in your X7 hot tub by Bullfrog Spas.

Size:7′ 4" (2.24m) x 7′ 4" (2.24m) x 36" (.91m)
Therapy Pumps: 2
Dry Weight: 661 lbs/300 kg
Filled Weight: 4924 lbs/2234 kg
Water Capacity:395 gal/1495 L

    Full Specs

    Standard Dimensions (W x L x H)7' 4" x 7' 4" x 36"
    Metric Dimensions (W x L x H)2.24m x 2.24m x .91m
    Water Capacity (to normal fill line)395 Gallons (1495 Liters)
    *Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover)661 lbs./4924 lbs. (300 kg/2234 kg)
    High-Performance Industrial 56-Frame PumpsTwo 2.5 HP/4.8 BHP/240V
    Total Jets (standard package)37
    Total Jets (premier package)45
    EnduraFrame Const/Full-Foam/Molded BaseStandard
    Premium Rigid Spa CoverAvailable
    Cover LifterAvailable
    X Spa StepsAvailable
    EternaWood™ CabinetStandard
    Durable 3-Layer Spa ShellStandard
    High Density InsulationStandard
    Stainless Therapy JetsStandard
    LED Backlit Therapy JetsAvailable
    LED Backlit Water FallStandard
    X Comfort PillowsStandard
    Bluetooth Audio PackageAvailable
    WellSpring Filtration PumpAvailable
    EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System*Available
    WellSpring Ozone PurifierAvailable
    Premium LED Mood LightingStandard
    Premium Filter ElementStandard
    Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain FittingStandard
    Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain FittingStandard

    *2X the ozone output of WellSpring™ system, enhanced water sanitization, carbon filter eliminates excess 03 gas

    Warranty Info

    Lifetime Warranty

    EnduraFrame™ Support Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the EnduraFrame (injection- molded spa frame) against degradation for the life of the original retail purchaser of the spa.*

    10-Year Warranty

    Shell Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Spa shell not to leak for ten years from the original spa purchase date.*

    7-Year Warranty

    Shell Surface

    Bullfrog warrants the surface finish of the Bullfrog Spa not to crack, wrinkle, blister, peel or delaminate for seven years from the original spa purchase date.*

    5-Year Warranty


    Electrical and mechanical equipment with its associated piping and fittings warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from purchase date.*

    EternaWood™ Cabinet

    EternaWood™ Cabinet sections (corners, doors, side panels) & EnduraBase™ are warranted against degradation and cracking for five years from purchase date.*

    JetPak Therapy System™

    Warranty covers the jets, any leaks from JetPak jet fittings, and all JetPak plumbing. JetPak plumbing System warranted for five years from purchase date.*

    3-Year Warranty

    Patio Performance™ Spa Cover

    Bullfrog warrants the Patio Performance spa cover against defects in materials or workmanship not determined to be regular fading or wear for 3 years from the original spa purchase date.*

    1-Year Warranty


    Bullfrog warrants the Interior and Exterior Spa Lighting System against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Audio System

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Elite Audio and Life Audio Systems against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Ozone System

    Bullfrog warrants the ozone system against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*
    *See the Bullfrog Spas warranty page for complete warranty information on your specific spa model, including limitations and definitions.

    Bullfrog Spas Warranty Page

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    Reviews for the X7

    by Bullfrog Spas

    Love the spa, but the water turned cloudy and I cannot get it clear. Very disappointed.

    Spa Review

    brian s.

    New to having a hot tub so it's been a little bit of an experience trying to get the chemicals and such figured out. But overall we thoroughly enjoy spending time in it!

    First time owner

    michael p.

    Filtration system, enclosed bottom, quality of pumps, So much better than spas 20 years ago.

    So much better than spas 20 years ago

    Deborah S.

    I thought I wanted a smaller spa, but this is the one that was available. It has transformed my muscle pain issues. I use it 30 minutes every day and I get much relief! I can't speak highly enough about my 8 person Bullfrog spa

    Would buy again in a heartbeat


    When our old hot tub decided to call it quits we did our research and found Bullfrog! The X7 was the spa we liked the best at the dealer. There are the perfect number of jets and each seat has jets that provide a different type of massage. Set up was easy and our electrician had no issues wiring it up!

    Everyone needs this spa!

    Lori F.

    Great spa! Lots of room for my family of 5! I'm still getting used to getting the chemicals balanced and keeping it clear. I'm not sure if the frogease system of chlorine and bromine cartridges is the best. Test strips always show it's low even though the cartridges are full and set at the right levels. I may be switching to just a floating bromine with the tablets.

    Great spa!

    Great spa!

    Rebecca B.

    So far, it's the best hot tub we've owned! We are enjoying it every night. The Ease water care system is outstanding. Takes all of the guess work out of the process.

    Great Hot Tub!

    Kevin M.

    Love the tub, been exceptional with being at home during Covid.
    A follow up when we got the tub would have been beneficial.
    Cheers Rick

    Love the tub, been exceptional

    Rick B.

    Overall the X7 is awesome! We had a different brand hot tub at our last house and this one is bar far better!
    Pamela and Tammy on the sales side were great to work with and got us exactly what we wanted- we love it!
    I gave 4 stars vs 5 only because there was no follow up on damage reported when delivered / installed. The audio compartment door is still broken and no return call from area manager. picture attached

    X7 is awesome!

    Sam Q.

    Ran for 2 weeks perfect, very easy to take care of. Dumped all water one morning. fitting broke on center pump. Shop came and fixed it in a day. Filled it back, was in it 3 days later, everything shorted out, WHILE IN IT - Flange had broken again, all the water drained out, but breaker tripped so we where ok. Shop took 3 days to come out, had to put a heater inside it so it didn't freeze, said it would be on us if it did. Fixed, filled again, been okay for 3 weeks now, but water has been very hard to balance this go around. So, in a month 3 fills, 3 sets of chemicals, and just replaced minerals and chlorine canisters, So we will see.
    We do love the lights and stereo without exposed speakers but not enough volume when the pumps are running.
    Very slippery floor and seats - be careful getting in and out.

    Tub seems great when it isn't broken

    IAN B.