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Winner iF Design Award for excellence in product design

The elegant STIL7 offers a thoughtfully simple open concept with plenty of space. The stunning modern design is singular amongst spas, creating the ideal aesthetic centerpiece for your well-designed patio environment. With your choice of three bio-engineered JetPak massages and a dual-lounge seating layout you'll get maximum space and the ability to enjoy all seats either upright or at a relaxed recline. You will simply find no other spa like STIL™.

Size: 7′ 4" (2.24m) x 7′ (2.13m) x 34" (.86m)
Dry Weight: 661 lbs/299 kg
Filled Weight: 5103 lbs/2315 kg
Water Capacity: 393 gal/1488 L

    Full Specs

    Standard Dimensions (W x L x H)7' 4" x 7' x 34"
    Metric Dimensions (W x L x H)2.24m x 2.13m x .86m
    Seating Capacity6
    Bucket Seats4
    Premium Bucket Seats1
    Lounger Seats2
    Cool Down / Child Seats0
    Water Capacity (to normal fill line)393 Gallons (1488 Liters)
    *Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover)661 lbs./5103 lbs. (300kg/2315kg)
    EnduraFrame Construction/Full-Foam/Molded BaseStandard
    Premium Rigid Spa Cover (Sterling Color)Standard
    EternaWood™ Cabinet (Slate color)Standard
    High-Performance Industrial 56-Frame PumpsOne 4.8BHP 2-Speed
    WellSpring™ Quiet Circulation PumpStandard
    Exterior Yard Facing SpeakersN/A
    STIL™ Audio SystemOptional
    High Output Premium OzoneOptional
    STIL™ Touch Control PadStandard
    AURA™ LED Light SystemStandard
    STIL™ Water FeatureStandard
    Dual Filter Elements w/safety feature & MicrobanStandard
    Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain FittingStandard
    STIL™ JetPaks in Snow Acrylic w/ Detachable STIL™ Pillows3
    Rounded Corner Flush Mount JetsBrushed Stainless Standard
    Automatic Filtration in JetPodsStandard
    Shell, Foot, Wrist, Hip, Leg Jets8
    Maximum Jets Available176
    Automatic Filtration in JetPodsStandard

    Warranty Info

    Lifetime Warranty

    EnduraFrame™ Support Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the EnduraFrame (injection- molded spa frame) against degradation for the life of the original retail purchaser of the spa.*

    10-Year Warranty

    Shell Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Spa shell not to leak for ten years from the original spa purchase date.*

    7-Year Warranty

    Shell Surface

    Bullfrog warrants the surface finish of the Bullfrog Spa not to crack, wrinkle, blister, peel or delaminate for seven years from the original spa purchase date.*

    5-Year Warranty


    Electrical and mechanical equipment with its associated piping and fittings warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from purchase date.*

    EternaWood™ Cabinet

    EternaWood™ Cabinet sections (corners, doors, side panels) & EnduraBase™ are warranted against degradation and cracking for five years from purchase date.*

    JetPak Therapy System™

    Warranty covers the jets, any leaks from JetPak jet fittings, and all JetPak plumbing. JetPak plumbing System warranted for five years from purchase date.*

    3-Year Warranty

    Patio Performance™ Spa Cover

    Bullfrog warrants the Patio Performance spa cover against defects in materials or workmanship not determined to be regular fading or wear for 3 years from the original spa purchase date.*

    1-Year Warranty


    Bullfrog warrants the Interior and Exterior Spa Lighting System against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Audio System

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Elite Audio and Life Audio Systems against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Ozone System

    Bullfrog warrants the ozone system against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*
    *See the Bullfrog Spas warranty page for complete warranty information on your specific spa model, including limitations and definitions.

    Bullfrog Spas Warranty Page

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    Reviews for the STIL7

    by Bullfrog Spas

    My wife and I purchased our first new house and after searching for hot tubs, we settled on the stil 7 because of the straight bench seating and overall appeal of the tub. It is, in my mind, the best looking tub on the market.
    The problem is the touchpad. This might be the biggest piece of crap I've ever encountered. It's just not working for us. We have had the touch screen and other parts replaced under warranty but as of last week the touchpad is acting up again. When the touchpad was replaced The exterior lights do not work. This might not seem like an issue but I designed the hot tub area with the idea the exterior lights would add ambience to the area. A reset helps but not for long. An example is absolutely no response to a touch, say if I want the pump running, there's no response, or if I touch the pump icon the pad will go to tools and not respond to any prompts. This tub was not cheap and is a huge disappointment. I will be contacting Paradise Pools at Regina, Saskatchewan tomorrow but I am beyond frustrated with the touchpad.


    Ross F.

    Love our Stil7. Service from Casey and Phillip has been outstanding! Arrived promptly, ahead of schedule. Casey answered lots of questions and got us set up with all the correct accessories and options. He was not at all pushy. Phillip has been been very responsive - he has come out to our property several times to address all quite minor issues. He has gone above and beyond. Thank you!

    Love our Stil7. Service from

    Charles R.

    Have had our Stil7 for a year now and love it! Highly recommend!

    Have had our Stil7 for

    Mike P.

    Plus; The ease of cleaning, part remove/replace, Jet varieties, appearance, lights.
    Minus; Controls are grossly inadequate, 4th set installed and they are failing, Swipe/clean screen feature on screen freezes so need to shut power off and restart, other features are periodically randomly switching on/off on this panel then they stop. Or I have to get out, shut power off and reinitialize to get it to work or to shut off with buttons
    Water management is difficult, tried @ease system but cloudy water ,wish I could of made it work, needed help from somewhere or more instruction. The store tried to help but failed. I just want it to be simple and not a chore to maintain the water.

    Plus; The ease of cleaning,

    Mark W.

    This hot tub is amazing. It is quiet yet powerful. We all have our favorite jet pack. It is easy to keep clean which I also love.

    Good times!

    Beth S.

    Overall, love the tub. Unfortunately I have issues with the corner pieces randomly coming off. Bullfrog was good to come out and correct once, unfortunately it keeps happening. I think it's a design issue. Beyond that, tub is fantastic, easy to maintain.

    Overall, love the tub. Unfortunately

    Lindsay E.

    The spa is pretty great but we were totally duped regarding energy requirements. Our electric bill SKYROCKETED. We got our spa put in Mar 13, 2020.

    Would be thrilled with a personal consult on how to better adjust spa for energy conservation.

    Extreme energy demand increase

    brandy B.

    We had never owned a pool or hut tub before and were very excited about our STIL7, which we purchased from Ordini's Best Fiberglass Pools in Bristol, PA. We experienced our first disappointment right out of the gate when Ordini's delivered the hot tub and offered no tutorial or other instruction whatsoever about how to fill and care for the hot tub. So we were left figuring it out on our own with the manual, which is not rocket science, but is not a trivial exercise for an inexperienced user. Within a few days we realized that the hot tub was defective - the touch screen, which includes all the controls for the hot tub, does not work. There is a feature that disables the touch screen when it's wet - a waving hand appears to indicate that the screen needs wiping. The problem is, the waving hand appears continually and never goes away! You can wipe the screen until it's bone dry, but the waving hand does not disappear until you cut power to the unit through the circuit breaker. Obviously, that is not a safe or viable workaround. When we contacted Ordini's they told us Bullfrog was aware of the issue and working on a solution and that we should have a replacement shortly. About a month later, Ordini's sent an electrician to swap out the screen, but the replacement screen had the exact same issue. When we asked Ordini's what was going on, they took weeks to get back to us. When they finally responded, they explained that the first screen had been replaced as a result of some other defect (something about a tendency to short out the breaker, though we never experienced that issue). Ordini's told us that Bullfrog still had no solution for the waving hand issue. That was months ago, and still no resolution, or the prospect of one. Our STIL7 has been relegated to a very expensive ornament in the back yard. We are beyond frustrated, and close to considering legal action.

    Touch screen totally useless + terrible service from distributor


    We've had it for over a year and have taken to using it daily. Looks great built it into our backyard deck that's about 1' above grade which allows for easy access and gives it a more custom look. No problems - and controls are easy use.

    Works great - clean looking


    Took one time using the spa to know that we made a great choice. The spa is fantastic, it is comfortable and the jet packs are excellent.

    Excellent Sps