Water Care Products needed

  • Frog@Ease SYSTEM KIT & Frog@Ease SMARTCHLOR 3PK
  • Frog@Ease Test Strips
  • Frog@Ease Maintain (Shock)
  • PH and Alkalinity Increase and Decrease if needed

Every Week
(depending upon usage)

  • Use Frog@Ease test strips and adjust water quality if necessary

(2-4 weeks depending upon usage)

  • Replace Gray Frog@Ease Smart-Chlor Cartridge(adjust dial specific to your spa)
  • Add Frog@Ease Maintain pkt (Shock)
  • Test & Adjust PH & Alkalinity (adjust alkalinity 1st, then PH)
  • Hose off filters

Every 3-4 months
(depending upon usage)

  • Replace Blue Frog@Ease Cartridge in Filter Housing(adjust dial specific to your spa)

Every 6 months
(depending upon usage)

  • Drain, clean and refill spa.
  • Balance water quality using Frog@Ease test strips
  • replace Frog@Ease cartridges as necessary
  • Clean or replace filters

*Spa-Water may get cloudy with heavy use. To avoid, after use, test water & add Frog @ Ease Maintain
packet(shock) if needed, run jets.
*Depending on your water quality and spa usage, other water quality adjustments may be needed.
*If you have questions, please follow directions from your Frog@Ease Kit or contact your Frog@Ease Dealer.

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FROG @EASE Water Care System for Bullfrog Spas

The all-new FROG® @EASE® system, designed specifically for your Bullfrog Spa*, utilizes SmartChlor® technology to provide a self-regulating water care experience that is easier than ever. Enjoy water that is clearer, cleaner, softer, and much easier to maintain than traditional methods. SmartChlor® technology uses up to 75% less chlorine, maintains chlorine at lower levels, and reduces the frequent need for hot tub maintenance.

  • Uses lower levels of chlorine, up to 75% less than traditional methods.
  • Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts 3-4 weeks depending on use.
  • No chlorine smell and no faded swimwear.
  • Cartridge holder included FREE in 2019 and later spas*