More Details about the A8D

The A8D is an exclusive 2-lounge layout with refined features, maximum therapy options and a distinctive style. This layout is so popular it has been one of the top-sellers for nearly a decade. This is a spacious and relaxing 5-6 person hot tub with 5 unique JetPaks. The premium bent knee lounger can be outfitted with your favorite JetPak, and includes wrist, hip, calf, and foot jets to create a total relaxation experience. The unique dual lounge seats and assortment of massage types make this spa the ultimate therapy experience.

Size: 7′ 10" (2.39m) x 7′ 10" (2.39m) x 38" (.97m)
Therapy Pumps: 2
Dry Weight: 763 lbs/346 kg
Filled Weight: 6164 lbs/2796 kg
Water Capacity: 512 gal/1938 L

    Full Specs

    Standard Dimensions (W x L x H)7'-10" x 7'-10" x 38"
    Metric Dimensions (W x L x H)2.39m x 2.39m x .97m
    Bucket Seats3
    Premium Bucket Seats1
    Lounger Seats2
    Cool Down / Child Seats1
    Water Capacity (to normal fill line)512 Gallons (1938 Liters)
    *Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover)763 lbs./6164 lbs. (346kg/2796kg)
    EnduraFrame Const/Full-Foam/Molded BaseStandard
    Premium Rigid Spa Cover (all Colors)Standard
    EternaWood™ CabinetStandard
    High-Performance Industrial 56-Frame PumpsTwo 4.8BHP 2-Speed
    WellSpring™ Quiet Circulation PumpOptional
    A Series Audio*Optional
    Exterior Yard SpeakersOptional
    EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System**Optional
    WellSpring™ High Output OzoneOptional
    Interior LED Light Syst.: Center, Filter, FootwellStandard
    Top Rail LED Light Syst. (cup holders & aux)Standard
    Large lighted Water FeatureIn J216 JetPak Standard
    Exterior LED Lighting System (set of 4)Standard
    Dual Filter Elements w/safety feature & MicrobanStandard
    Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain FittingStandard
    JetPaks w/ Detachable ComfortFit Pillows5
    JetPaks AcrylicMatch - Customer ChoiceStandard
    Rounded Corner Flush Mount JetsBrushed Stainless Standard
    Automatic Filtration in JetPodsStandard
    Foot, Wrist, Hip, Leg Jets16
    Maximum Jets Available226

    *Rich sound, seat-surround speakers, sub-woofer, spa-side device storage, USB charging, Bluetooth compatibility, track and volume control through touch interface.
    ** 2X the ozone output of WellSpring™ system, mixing chamber for enhanced water sanitization, carbon filter eliminates excess 03 gas

    Warranty Info

    Lifetime Warranty

    EnduraFrame™ Support Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the EnduraFrame (injection- molded spa frame) against degradation for the life of the original retail purchaser of the spa.*

    10-Year Warranty

    Shell Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Spa shell not to leak for ten years from the original spa purchase date.*

    7-Year Warranty

    Shell Surface

    Bullfrog warrants the surface finish of the Bullfrog Spa not to crack, wrinkle, blister, peel or delaminate for seven years from the original spa purchase date.*

    5-Year Warranty


    Electrical and mechanical equipment with its associated piping and fittings warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from purchase date.*

    EternaWood™ Cabinet

    EternaWood™ Cabinet sections (corners, doors, side panels) & EnduraBase™ are warranted against degradation and cracking for five years from purchase date.*

    JetPak Therapy System™

    Warranty covers the jets, any leaks from JetPak jet fittings, and all JetPak plumbing. JetPak plumbing System warranted for five years from purchase date.*

    3-Year Warranty

    Patio Performance™ Spa Cover

    Bullfrog warrants the Patio Performance spa cover against defects in materials or workmanship not determined to be regular fading or wear for 3 years from the original spa purchase date.*

    1-Year Warranty


    Bullfrog warrants the Interior and Exterior Spa Lighting System against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Audio System

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Elite Audio and Life Audio Systems against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Ozone System

    Bullfrog warrants the ozone system against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*
    *See the Bullfrog Spas warranty page for complete warranty information on your specific spa model, including limitations and definitions.

    Bullfrog Spas Warranty Page

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    Reviews for the 8AD

    by Bullfrog Spas

    We use our A8D almost every day and have been loving it for 3 years.

    A8D used regularly

    A8D used regularly

    Jimmy E.

    The jetpacks a re fabulous! there are 2 settings, low and high for your spa comfort. I am surprised as to how powerful these jetpacks are. you need to be ready when switching it to HIgh because its a powerful blast of bubbles, massaging and relaxing you

    The jetpacks are fabulous!

    Patricia M.

    Love our A8l

    Love our A8l

    Love our A8l

    Charlene M.

    Great brand. Great company. Excellent Service. Amazing hot tub!

    Great brand. Great company. Excellent

    Andrew A.

    Bullfrog is a fantastic product. Also Ross is super customer centric - making sure all my needs are met. This is our third bullfrog spa. - Several houses - only put in Bullfrog spa!

    Great product

    Lynne S.

    While we were excited for the hot tub to finally arrive on 12.31.2021 after ordering it on the 1st of July, we have had a few disappointments along the way.
    Installation was shaky as what we planned for with hook up per the salesman and what was needed, didn't quite match up. We paid an electrician for the 220v & we were short some length & could not place it quite where we wanted it. In addition, the cover lift doesn't fit in the space & we are still trying to work with sales to get the alternative lift as recommended by the lead installer.
    And to top it off, it decided to DRAIN INTSELF yesterday and now we wait. My husband opened the front panel & found the culprit but it will be a few more days before a tech will contact us, and then set up an appt to come over.
    So we are 2 months in with our $10k spa & are waiting to be able to use it again.
    Once up & running, it is all we could have wanted.

    While we were excited for

    Angela G.

    Great hottub. I wish it got a bit hotter though. Our previous Bullfrog seemed to have gotten a few degrees hotter.

    Great hottub. I wish it

    Brandt S.

    We purchased the A8D which has two lounges in the design. The various jet packs are a fantastic and unique feature providing great flexibility and effects. I plan to buy additional jet packs. The filtration/chemical system is superior to my previous hot tub. No harsh odors or feel after use. The varying colored lights are an added soothing bonus. Installation was smooth with the crane and the delivery and sales staff at the Bluffdale factory were responsive and thoughtful. I would highly recommend the Bullfrog Spa.

    We love our Bullfrog

    We love our Bullfrog

    Reid D.

    I love the jet system!!

    I love the jet system!!

    I love the jet system!!

    Logue M.

    Products worked like they should

    Products worked like they should

    Thomas K.