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Stretch way out and relax in comfort and style or invite your friends for a fun get together in this premium large hot tub. There is space to spare. The A8 is an 8-person hot tub that sets the standard for spacious comfort. With an open layout and 6 JetPaks of your choice you will enjoy a complete selection of massages. In addition, the uniquely contoured foot therapy dome provides your own personalized foot massage.

Size: 7′ 10" (2.39m) x 7′ 10" (2.39m) x 38" (.97m)
Therapy Pumps: 2
Dry Weight: 758 lbs/344 kg
Filled Weight: 6409 lbs/2907 kg
Water Capacity: 540 gal/2044 L

    Full Specs

    Standard Dimensions (W x L x H)7'-10" x 7'-10" x 38"
    Metric Dimensions (W x L x H)2.39m x 2.39m x .97m
    Seating Capacity8
    Bucket Seats7
    Premium Bucket Seats4
    Lounger Seats0
    Cool Down / Child Seats1
    Water Capacity (to normal fill line)540 Gallons (2044 Liters)
    *Dry/Maximum Filled Weight (includes Cover)758 lbs./6409 lbs. (344kg/2907kg)
    EnduraFrame Const/Full-Foam/Molded BaseStandard
    Premium Rigid Spa Cover (all Colors)Standard
    EternaWood™ CabinetStandard
    High-Performance Industrial 56-Frame PumpsTwo 4.8BHP 2-Speed
    WellSpring™ Quiet Circulation PumpOptional
    A Series Audio*Optional
    Exterior Yard SpeakersOptional
    EOS™ 03 Premium Water Care System**Optional
    WellSpring™ High Output OzoneOptional
    Interior LED Light Syst.: Center, Filter, FootwellStandard
    Top Rail LED Light Syst. (cup holders & aux)Standard
    Large Lighted Water FeatureIn J216 JetPak Standard
    Exterior LED Lighting System (set of 4)Standard
    Dual Filter Elements w/safety feature & MicrobanStandard
    Exterior Drain w/ Footwell Drain FittingStandard
    JetPaks w/ Detachable ComfortFit Pillows6
    JetPaks AcrylicMatch - Customer ChoiceStandard
    Rounded Corner Flush Mount JetsBrushed-Stainless Standard
    Automatic Filtration in JetPodsStandard
    Foot, Wrist, Hip, Leg Jets14
    Maximum Jets Available266

    * Rich sound, seat-surround speakers, sub-woofer, spa-side device storage, USB charging, Bluetooth compatibility, track and volume control through touch interface.
    ** 2X the ozone output of WellSpring™ system, mixing chamber for enhanced water sanitization, carbon filter eliminates excess 03 gas

    Warranty Info

    Lifetime Warranty

    EnduraFrame™ Support Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the EnduraFrame (injection- molded spa frame) against degradation for the life of the original retail purchaser of the spa.*

    10-Year Warranty

    Shell Structure

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Spa shell not to leak for ten years from the original spa purchase date.*

    7-Year Warranty

    Shell Surface

    Bullfrog warrants the surface finish of the Bullfrog Spa not to crack, wrinkle, blister, peel or delaminate for seven years from the original spa purchase date.*

    5-Year Warranty


    Electrical and mechanical equipment with its associated piping and fittings warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for five years from purchase date.*

    EternaWood™ Cabinet

    EternaWood™ Cabinet sections (corners, doors, side panels) & EnduraBase™ are warranted against degradation and cracking for five years from purchase date.*

    JetPak Therapy System™

    Warranty covers the jets, any leaks from JetPak jet fittings, and all JetPak plumbing. JetPak plumbing System warranted for five years from purchase date.*

    3-Year Warranty

    Patio Performance™ Spa Cover

    Bullfrog warrants the Patio Performance spa cover against defects in materials or workmanship not determined to be regular fading or wear for 3 years from the original spa purchase date.*

    1-Year Warranty


    Bullfrog warrants the Interior and Exterior Spa Lighting System against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Audio System

    Bullfrog warrants the Bullfrog Elite Audio and Life Audio Systems against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*

    Ozone System

    Bullfrog warrants the ozone system against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original spa purchase date.*
    *See the Bullfrog Spas warranty page for complete warranty information on your specific spa model, including limitations and definitions.

    Bullfrog Spas Warranty Page

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    Reviews for the A8

    by Bullfrog Spas


    The best!


    We love our bullfrog hot tub, and like the way we can switch out the jet pack and move them where we want. It's nice after we get out of the the pool,and relax in a great hot tub, and listen to music through the Bluetooth speakers!

    Our 1st hot tub

    Our 1st hot tub

    Richard P.

    I live my spa! It's very relaxing g after a hard day at work. I can sit in it at night, have a glass of wine and just relax while listening to my music!

    Best Spa hands down is my Bullfrog!

    Tamara S.

    People may talk about the lights but I am going to say how much relief my husband has gotten from this wonderful spa. My grandkids love it as well. This summer we cooled it down and used it as a pool for the kids and for us! This spa is low maintenance and I would buy another one in a heart beat!

    Best spa ever!

    Terry Z.

    This is a superb hot tub! The materials and craftsmanship are perfect, and it's very easy to learn and use. The whole family enjoys the spa, and we use it daily.

    Great hot tub!

    Great hot tub!

    Craig B.

    the strength of the jets. the still and look, that you can customize to your own needs and still.

    the strength of the jets.

    Louisa P.

    Love the spa, First class all the way.quality built, well planned and made as directed. Thank you! Mike D.

    I plan to tell anyone who will listen

    Michael D.

    Love the new spa from Bulfrog for the quality, design and functionality. The ability to design and choose options to personalize the spa was very unique and a big selling point for us. We have loved the Bulfrog experience so much we have recommended them to our friends, family and neighbors.

    Love the new spa from

    Steve G.

    Three years ago we purchased a bullfrog A8. This past winter of 2020 I began to see specks of yellow along one side. I set a mouse trap and caught one. The specks kept coming. I opened the sides last weekend. I wish I could show you the photos of the apparently edible insulation. Look me up on Facebook, I'll put them there. Oh, and the mice apparently ate through the wires to the lights. So no lights anymore. The answer from the store was to put out rubber snakes to scare away mice.

    Love the spa! Not so fond of the insulation.

    Kurt H.

    At this time everything has been really good so far

    At this time everything has

    robert v.